Wondering Aura?

You must have ever heard the word,”aura” but can you explain what aura is?

Aura is the energy that human beings emit.
Each person has the different energy (aura) by nature as having different personality, and each energy has its own color.
The essencial, internal aura which a person have innately has not basically changed, but the external aura has been changing day by day and time by time according to emotions and conditions and the color of the external aura has also changed complicatedly in response to the external aura.

As mentioned above, even if saying “aura” in a word, the color can be different between the internal and external aura.
Especially, the current aura has changed quickly, and many colors are mixed in.

Therefore, I think it is natural that there are many people who say like, “my aura is always different in color depending on who see it!” because aura color can change by which part was watched or by which moment aura was watched at.
(As a conclusion, I’d like to say that you don’t have to want to know about your aura, but I also know that you’d like to know it no matter what I tell you:)

Well, I wrote that knowing your own aura is not very important, but on the other hand, it is also true that knowing a current aura is knowing a current condition of your mind, and will be an opportunity to look back on your own objectively.

After reading above, if you are still interested in your aura, please go ahead.


I can draw your aura color through the sacred beings’ help.
Actually I can’t see it because I draw by automatic drawing.

I can draw both an internal and external aura, but I would especially like you to know the status of a current aura.
That’s why I draw your external aura at the moment I draw as “Anne’s Aura Drawing”.
(If you are interested in the internal aura, please go to “Birth Aura Card“.)

Now I will introduce some my aura drawing as a sample below.
(I have posted with the permission by the customer.)

Thus, you can know your current aura color by Anne’s Aura Drawing.
However I can’t draw in detail because aura color has been changing complicatedly.
I usually draw one color or two colors that the invisible beings want to let you know out of the colors appeared outside and mixed complicatedly.

In the case that two colors are used, I draw separately as the upper half and the lower half for the sake of convenience, but your aura would not have been separated like that.
Please acknowledge that it does not mean colors are clearly divided up and down, and please interpret that two colors have just been appearing.

Aura colors vary from person to person, but interpretation of each aura colors is roughly in agreement with the general image.
For example, a person who is a behavioral and passionate would have red aura, who is peaceful and gentle would have green aura, who is calm and intelligent would have blue aura, and so on..
And your aura color might be faint or muddy depending on your mental or physical condition.

I can draw your aura color remotely.
Please read the detail below if you would like to ask me “Anne’s Aura Drawing”.


ANNE’S AURA DRAWING (one time) $10

* It will be your aura color of the moment when I draw.
* Aura has constantly changed according to your mental and physical condition of the day. Do not take the results too seriously, and you should refer to it only as the aura color of the moment.
*I will only send you a image by email. (The original paper can not be sent.)

** I will usually reply you within 24hours after you sent an email or request form.
** I will send a image (or images) by email in 3 days after confirming your pay.
** No refundable please.
** This is for entertainment purposes only please.

I need information below from you for Anne’s Aura Drawing.
* your name (full name)
* date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
* your current address (city, state)

Please apply by email or send the request form below.

Email address: info☆pomlchaki.com
(Please switch ☆ to @ when sending)


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You can pay only by PayPal. (sorry, but no credit card allowed)
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me:)


I recommend that you know both of your chakra balance and aura color, not only aura color because I believe you can understand yourself more deeply by knowing both.
I will appreciate it if you could live better life in future by knowing your chakra and aura.