Went to Mesquite

My some artworks is exhibited at Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery in Mesquite, NV now.
So I went there to see my arts and others today.

Mesquite is about an hour and half far from Las Vegas and the last town in Nevada(the border town with Arizona). It is also famous as a town with safety.

There is a beautiful small gallery in Mesquite.


I’m sorry I can’t introduce others’ arts. All of them are beautiful and I was never bored to see them.
I got kinds of ashamed that my arts are hanging with other arts together because other arts are too great.. But there were my arts, too:)


My arts are deffinitely different from others. So I felt that I should not have attended.. But I appreciate that I could have a good experience this time:)

This exhibition is held till December 30.