The reason I draw

This picture tells me the reason why I draw pictures.

I had not drawn for the long time because I didn’t know what the drawings mean.
They were drawn without my will, but not so great pictures, I thought..

I enjoyed the automatic drawing in my own way, and certainly felt to connect with the invisible beings while drawing, anyway.
But it’s just it.
I didn’t have any confidence for what I was doing.

But one day, one of my friend told me to love my pictures and to touched her heart.
She is the representative of GEn. Co., Ltd. who help me for my pictures now.
When she suggested me to show them to many people in the world, honestly I was embarrassed and am still now, but I felt strongly the invisible beings loved it.

Thus, this picture was drawn after I agreed with her.
Am I said that it’s about time that I should fly away?
A big bird is flying in the sky and laying a gold egg.

This bird is us(me, her and invisible beings).
Go to lots of places and show our pictures to many people.
Let them know the invisible world.
This was the message.

That’s why I started drawing again.