Solving Mystery of the twentieth year ~ Mt. Koya, Sutra and Esoteric Buddhism ~

I found a memo that I wrote when I had gone to Mount Koya in May, 2011, while I was organizing my old drawings.

I had the chance there to solve some mystery that I had had for the long time, though I coincidentally got to go to Mt. Koya.


It will be the long story, but I should tell you about the story 25 years ago.

Though you might be surprised because I tell you such a thing suddenly..
I had a incredible experience that a ghost jumped into my body.
I felt his emotion and thought his thought as like mine at the moment..
It was so weird and terrified but I was very sad because he had been feeling so..

Anyway, I had no idea what to do and how to do for let him go.
One of my friend introduce a Buddhist monk to me and He gave me a short sutra.
And the sutra worked! The ghost left me..
I didn’t know what the sutra means but it was important for me. I had used it for the long time since then..

I was wondering what the stura was and had been looking for the meaning of it since then, but I had not been able to find out..

It has passed about 15 years.
I had sometimes had got to heard the sound that wasn’t real like clairaudience.
And I had heard the sound of a sutra as clairaudience a few times before I went to Mt. Koya.
It was the first time that I heard that stura. It was different from any sturas that I’d ever heard before.

That was the story before going to Mt. Koya.

Here is the memo at that time below.


I stayed at a temple and had a delicious vegitarian diet there. I was planning to attend a morning chanting.

I had a dream at the night.
I was about to be late for the morning chanting and hurried to go to the main building.
I could reach in time, but the stout Buddhist monk waiting for me said to me, “You are late to come!”
That’s it.

In the morning, I was in time at the main building (actually 5 minutes before;-).
And I was so surprised because the stout Buddhist monk coming in was just him I saw in the dream last night!

I was surprised again when he started chanting!
Because the sutra was just it which I had heard a few times as clairaudience.
The sutra was Shingon sect..

I had been wondering what kind of sutra it was since I heard, so I was glad I found it. I don’t still know why I heard the sutra of Shingon sect, though..


I got an another answer at Mount Koya, too.

I found the leaflet that I got at Kongobuji Temple contained the part of the words of the sutra which a Buddhist monk gave me 25 years ago.
I was very glad and went to ask Buddhist monks about it. It was the first time that I could get the crue of it.
It was a mantra of Shingon sect.

However, the Buddhist monks didn’t know the mantra and couldn’t find the same one, though they checked many books.
One of them told me that the mantra I had might not be one of Shingon but Tendai.

I was very disappointed and went back to home..
I couldn’t give up. I believed the mantra was one of Shingon because the sutra I heard was Shingon.

I started internet surfing in Esoteric Buddhism, Shingon and Tendai.
And finally I found the same mantra!
It was the mantra of Shingon sect as I thought.

I don’t get it..
I had been surfing the internet for a few decades and never found it..

I guess I needed to put the words like “Esoteric Buddhism” or “Shingon”.
I should have reached to Esoteric Buddhism and Shingon earlier..
That’s why the Buddhist monk said to me, “you are late to come!”, didn’t he?

I don’t also get it why the Buddhist monks didn’t know it despite it was the mantra of Shingon.

Anyway, I felt so fine. I solved the mystery that I had for the long time..
I don’t know why but I got the confidence that I have something connect with Esoteric Buddhism and Shingon.

By the way, the mantra I have been using was for self-protection.
It is said that this mantra protects a person against not purified souls or wicked souls.
I was surprised that there is such a mantra.
But I also know it works.

I’m really interested in mantra now.


I will introduce the picture I drew after going back from Mount Koya in the next article.