Sedona Distant Energy Healing 15th November, article 2

I left the hotel a hour before the sunrise early in the morning.
It might be around 10 pm in Japan time.
I drove my car still in the dark and arrived at the Cathedral Rock.

I decided the Cathedral Rock as the place where I do the healing because the invisible beings said that I should have done there.

It takes more than 30 minutes to go up to the top of the Cathedral Rock.
I could go up there for 20 minutes before but I would not be able to now. That’s why I left the hotel earlier.

It was still dark when I reached the parking but a new day gradually began to come out.

I went up to the top of the Cathedral Rock so as to be in time for the sunrise time.
I felt a little impatient on the way, but almost arrived on schedule!
I started ready for the healing after deciding the healing space and relaxed.



Then, I saw the Sun coming out just a few minutes before the healing starting. I thought the Sun was waiting for us for ready.



I felt huge and overwhelming powerfulness and also tenderness from the energy by myself while I was sending it to our customers.

It is the picture of the sky that I could see while laying down on the rock at that time.↓


When I was feeling the energy coming into my body, suddenly I started to float high up in the sky, leaving my body.


This healing session was really impressive for me. Because that I could send the energy to lots of people much more than I expected and that I realized at the moment of the healing that so many spirits had given us their great support. Tears streamed down my cheeks during the session without awareness.

I really appreciate all of them.
Thank you so much.

Finally, I want to say about the rocks of the Cathedral Rock. Speaking of Sedona, we might think that the rocks are only red. But we can see the greenish gray rocks, too. Once upon a time, They are made from lava which was blown out and solidified, I heard.
Anyway, I can feel that the greenish gray rocks have big and high energy.
If you have a chance to visit to Sedona, please try looking.



With appreciation and love,

November 15, 2017