Sedona Distant Energy Healing 15th November, article 1

I’m sure to say that the distant energy healing in Sedona was successfully finished.
It was awesome and I believe most of them received the energy could feel something good.

I saw a very dramatic sky when getting into Sedona.
I can’t explain exactly what it was like but I just felt I was so welcome to Sedona.

I went to see this tree at first after arriving at Sedona.
It has big energy. I could feel it when I touched it.


I had the list written the name of the clients.
I read all the names listed loudly at my room of the hotel after checking in.
The energy of Boynton Canyon was coming down and into my head at the moment when I read the last name listed.

I realized the healing had already started.
The invisible beings had known whom I would send the energy to and been ready for the healing.
I was so excited and looking forward to doing the healing for the next day.