This picture represents that the babies with spiritual awakening are coming down from the heaven, and that dull lifeless couples (parents) are visiting to pick up their own baby.

I can see from this picture how cold and cloudy this world is..
The babies are admirable because they know it but chose to come down in order to have experiences (training of own soul).

The sacred spirit who helped to draw this picture told me that I was one of the babies in it.
Does that means I was born despite I had known it was hard to live in this world?
So I should just accept all of the experiences whether they were good or bad, he wants to say?

It is the picture which gave me such a thought.

And did you realize that from the heaven, each angel is guarding the baby who is wearing the same cloth with his/her?
They may be guardian angels, or higher-self of each baby, I think.