Order Drawing

I draw your own picture which is the message from your guardian spirits.

The types of the drawings are all different and I don’t even know what is drawn next.
However, the picture is very special and is drawn only for you because it is the message from your guardian spirits.

Picture size: 5″×7″ (2L picture size)
Material: soft pastel
Frame is including
price: $120 (shipping fee is including for domestic)
*Please pay by PayPal.

Ordinary, I will ship you within 3days by postal mail.
Please contact me if you want international shipping.

**I am out of town in March 2018. I will ship after 5th, April if you order in March.

The frame I send is simple like above image.
When you decide to change the frame to a new one, please be very careful if you don’t want your picture to damaged because soft pastels are easy to rub.
I don’t use a fixative because it totally changes the colors of pictures.
That’s why I send pictures with frames.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!
Thank you.