New Experience in 2011

It was a kind of secret that I draw pictures by automatic drawing even after I started drawing again in 2011.
No reason.. Just did not want to let people know..
But there was a friend who knew my secret and she told me she loved my pictures.
I was glad and wanted to draw a picture for her.

When I was ready to draw, something was coming which had kept guard her..
I didn’t know well but, maybe guardian spirit? or spiritual being?
Anyway, it said it could help me drawing:-)

It was the first time to have such a experience, so I was so surprised.
And after start drawing, I was surprised again!

The drawing was apparently different from usual..
It was more mature, used the colors I didn’t usually use, and had a beautiful gradation.

I thought it was the message from this being to the friend.

It was so thankful event. I really appreciated her and her guardian spirit to give me a new wonderful experience and the amazing time.