Meet Sedona

It is about 25 years ago when I visit Sedona at the first time.

I assume there were few people even in the U.S. who knew Sedona as the spiritual place at the time.

I had been travelling around the West coast areas in 1992.
I didn’t know Sedona but a coincidence brought me there.

It was a sunset time in the Christmas day.
I couldn’t say anything because the landscape was so gorgeous much more than I could imagine.

The impression was totally different from any other places where I’d visited before.
I didn’t know that Sedona was the special place having powerful energy, and also I didn’t have any sense to feel energies as I have now, though.

Sedona had something that made me think that I should come back again.

I stayed at Sedona only one or two hours at that time and then left there.


It’s 8 years ago.

Suddenly, I had experienced so many spiritual things for the short time and it was the hardest time for me to live a life. And I remembered Sedona as the place where I could have a rest. I didn’t still know that Sedona had become the one of the most spiritual place in the world…

I stayed at Sedona for five days and I didn’t have any spiritual experience at all.
I spent those days calmly and peacefully.

I could feel the energy of Sedona entering to my body and melting into my own energy.

I want to live here.

I had the thought and just left Sedona.


I was in Sedona 4 years ago again.

People say Sedona has the special power.
Your thought can become real if you were in Sedona!

I don’t know if it’s true or not.
But I can say that at my first visit, I thought like this,

“I should come to Sedona again.”

And my thought came true.
I thought like this, at my second visit,

“I want to live here.”

I got to live in Sedona at my third visit.


I feel so good and comfortable in Sedona.
I want to be there forever one I visit there, even though Sedona has nothing except red rocks.
When I left Sedona for a while and came back, I feel like “I was back to my home!”, and very happy.

I am not living in Sedona now, but I will be back in future.
I just recently knew that what I should do is what I want to do, and I just started my new life.
I will move to Sedona when I got ready for everything. Because Sedona is my home and I thought like this, when I leave Sedona at the last time,

“I’ll be back!!” ;)