I tried to draw 10 pictures with LOVE as the theme.

Though I couldn’t put the pictures in the right order…
I introduce them clockwise from the upper left.

No.1 Power of Love (heart)
No.2 Love & Peace (I don’t know it’s a rabbit or insect, but anyway, she looks like warming and full and it seems to represent “Love &Peace”.)
No.5 The Universal of Love (oval)
No.4 Soul of Love (the soul loving someone)
No.3 Angel of Love (When you feel love, there is always this angel beside you.)

With clockwise from the upper left,

No.6 Eternal Love (Your loved one who has gone to the heaven has kept to send his/her love to you eternally.)
No.7 True Love (You might not realize, but your “True Love” is just there.)
No.8 Holy Love (All love could change to a sacred love.)
No.10 Love of the Earth
No.9 Love of the Sun

The most popular pictures at the solo exhibition held last summer were No.1 and No.10:-)