Line with the Invisible World

This is from the invisible world.
If you come to see this world, you would know that you and we were connecting with a line.
We listen to you and give you our voice, using this line.
But the connection is always not good.
It is because you are always busy in your head.
Your emotion is always blowing up like a balloon and bends the line.
Your thoughts are wandering like ghosts and cut the line.

We can’t hear you if you are always like that!

You can’t hear our voice at all!

When you stop flowing of your emotion and thinking of yesterday and tomorrow, we can have such a great line.

Finally we can talk with you!

What will happen next?

We will send you the wisdom with all our might from this world.
You will receive it as intuition or inspiration.
And you will start believing the existence of the invisible world and us.

Then you will start believing your own sense more other than the common sense or other’s thought.

If it happened, we would be so happy.

And you will never have felt loneliness even if you fought with someone or isolated because you know now you are connecting with us and because you can always feel us with you even if you can’t see us.
That’s why you can always be with peace and free.

You may meet some weird spirits after you started feeling the invisible world.
But you don’t have to worry about that.
Just enjoy it!
They come to the same vibration as them.
The spirits who has low energies will never be able to come to you if you keep your vibration high.

Even if you got to feel us, you may sometimes get to doubt if the invisible world and beings really exist.

In that case, you can know the answer by making your heart open and hugging someone who is around you or even hugging us in your imagination.

What you need is not to think in your head but only to feel.
You should know that your sense is also invisible and you can’t stop believing just because it’s invisible.

Now you would see and feel all nature like mountains, trees, sky, ground and wind in a different way.

That doesn’t mean that the world changed, do it?
You are seeing the invisible world on top of the original world now.
It is the world you had not seen for the long time because the line had been busy..