Knowing Throat Chakra

I will talk about the fifth chakra, the Throat Chakraa, today.

The article “CHAKRA STORY” which is the story of whole chakras (the seven chakras) is linked below.



【The Fifth Chakra, The Throat Chakra】

The throat chakra is the third chakra from the top of the seven chakras.
It is located at the bottom of the throat.
The throat chakra is usually represented in light blue.

The throat chakra is a chakra of expression.
It is physically related to throat, voice and thyroid gland.
It mentally affects self expression and communication.
The throat chakra will be activated if you are expressing yourself full of life.

The creativity coming up from the sacral chakra will be shaped and represented by the throat chakra.
Full filled big love by the heart chakra will be expressed and output for the first time with the throat chakra.
It can say that he throat chakra is a place of self expression that makes everything shaped and expressed.

If the throat chakra closed, you would not be able to express just yourself and to communicate with someone because you could not say what you want to say or because of unconvincing of your saying.
It causes

As a result, your communication skills will declined and you will deteriorate human relations.
your voice will be getting smaller, you will look unreliable, be getting old because of the decline of the thyroid function, becoming lethargic and feel more tired.

When you want to open the throat chakra, it is helpful to voice out with abdominal breathing or to sing loudly.
By voicing out from your stomach, the vibration of the voice stimulates and opens the throat chakra.

However, It can’t say that the larger chakra is, the better it is.
It means you should not open only the one chakra bigger and bigger.
It is very important that you see the balance of whole chakras, not only the throat chakra, even if you want to open only the throat chakra.

You can learn the general way to open chakras, seeing the article “CHAKRA STORY” linked below.



There are more customers whose the throat chakra is getting smaller at the chakra balance test than you think.

You must have much of words, ideas and arts inside of you.
Don’t you think they would be too good to be kept only in your inside and not to be shaped.
Let’s put them out and express with all your might, without paying too much attention to others around you nor being shy.
Self-expression is the only way to awaken yourself.
The throat chakra tells you a pleasure to express yourself:)


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