Knowing The Crown Chakra

I will finally talk about the seventh chakra, the Crown Chakraa which is the last chakra of the seven chakras, today.

The article “CHAKRA STORY” which is the story of whole chakras (the seven chakras) is linked below.



【The seventh Chakra, The Crown Chakra】

The crown chakra is a chakra at the top of the seven chakras and is located at the parietal.
The crown chakra is usually represented in purple.

The crown chakra is connected with big universal energy and souls.

If the crown chakra opens, you will feel completely integrated with the universe and get to have a feeling as a whole beyond pieces.
You will know that you living in the material world with your body is not everything.
You can get a complete sense of security.

The crown chakra of the people who have fear or refusal in the spiritual world or who are busy in the real world and have their hands full of the event in front of their eyes, would have closed.
Such a person with the chakra will feel an uneasiness easily, be attacked by the feeling without whereabouts, not be able to decide, or be tired all the time.

If you want to open the crown chakra, you should concentrate to open the third eye chakra. The crown chakra will be getting to open naturally if the other six chakras open.
And it will be also good to meditate on a daily basis.

You can learn the general way to open chakras, seeing the article “CHAKRA STORY” linked below.


*The whole balance of chakras is very important when you try to open your chakras.
It can’t say that the larger chakra is, the better it is.
It will get to be important to control the size of chakra by yourself after opening all chakras.
If you got to be interested in opening all of seven chakras, be sure to consult a person who knows about chakra very well.


I can see at the chakra balance test that the third eye chakra and the crown chakra of most of customers are closed. But I think that the world will be divined into two in the future era, one has people who open these two chakras and other one has people who close them.

The crown chakra tells you that everything is part of the whole, apart from you, that you are never alone because you’re connected to the universe, and that you can live as a soul:)


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