Knowing Sacral Chakra

I uploaded the article which was the story of whole chakras (the seven chakras) a few days ago.
I will talk about the second chakra, the Sacral Chacra, today.

The article “CHAKRA STORY” is linked below.



【The Second Chakra, The Sacral Chakra】

The sacral chakra is the second chakra from the bottom out of the seven chakras.
It is located at the height of sacrum, about 1 or 2 inches below from navel.
The sacral chakra is usually represented in orange.

The sacral chakra is relative to water.
It is physically related to the organs connected with secretory fluid like urinary system, reproductive system and small intestine.
It also affects the flow of emotions and the flow of creation, and is involved in the living joy, self-esteem and sensitivity.

You can say that you are tapping into a flow if your sacral chakra is large.
you are living yourself and have much of the power to create things, the creativity.
Conversely, the sacral chakra will get small if you don’t live yourself, if you have emotional instability, or if you get into a slump.
It may be affected the organs physically.

I will recommended to try abdominal breathing, when you want to open the sacral chakra.
However, it can’t say that the larger chakra is, the better it is.
It means you should not open only the one chakra bigger and bigger.
It is very important that you see the balance of whole chakras, not only the sacral chakra, even if you want to open only the sacral chakra.

You can learn the general way to open chakras, seeing the article “CHAKRA STORY” linked below.



As water becomes cloudy when the flow gets stuck, the stagnation of the mental flow and physical flow cause you get trouble mentally and physically.

Thus, the sacral chakra tells you the importance that you live yourself and flow naturally like the flow of water:)


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