Knowing Root Chakra

I uploaded the article which was the story of whole chakras(the seven chakras) a few days ago.
I will talk about the first chakra, the root chakra, today.

The article “CHAKRA STORY” is linked below.



【The First Chakra, Root Chakra】

The root chakra is the bottom of the seven chakras.
It is located at the base of the spine, coccyx.
The root chakra is usually represented in red.
Actually I was very surprised when I saw the root chakra shining red for the first time.
Because I’d never believed that each chakra has its own color, until I actually saw it with my own eyes. I’d just believed that only someone decided the color for the sake of convenience..
But I was wrong.
Each chakra is shining with each corresponding color as you can see the image below.

The root chakra is the most closest to the ground, and it is also the place that actually intersects with the Earth when we organize the ZEN meditation as shown in the image above.

In this way, we can say that the root chakra is the important chakra which takes the energy of the earth into the body.

We can gain the power of live and viability, by taking the energy from the ground into our body.
The root chakra is the most fundamental part related to life and basic desires.
If the root chakra is large enough, you will be active and your desire to live will grow.
Oppositely if the root chakra is small, you will be lethargic, depress because of weaknes of the connection with the Earth, and will feel less realistic, like walking on fluffy cloud.

When you want to open the root chakra, it is helpful to image grounding many times a day.
I’m imaging like the way my REIKI teacher taught me, but you can image in anyway you like.

I introduce my way to image grounding, just as one example.

At first, please image the brightening ball around the second chacra.
You let it go down to the ground after you make it shine exquisitely.
The ball goes through the ground and into the underground.
Finally the ball reaches the earth’s nucleus.
Please imagine what the earth’s nucleus is like.
I can usually imagine a quiet cave where I can see so many brilliant crystal clusters.
(You can image other scene.)

I had not been able to be grounded before. I always felt fluffy and my soul floating, protruding from the body.
So I worried if the ball would get floating and I needed to made the place where the ball fit comfortably to stay it firmly at the nucleus.
And also I attached the ball tightly to the place by pulling and fastening it with the yarn coming out from the earth nucleus as pulling a kite with kite string.

Then please say to thank the earth and receive the energy of the earth.
The energy will go up through the way that made by the ball.
You can feel the energy coming into your body.
Feel the energy fill out
Please feel that the whole body is getting filled more and more by the energy of the earth once it flows in to the top of the head.
What color you can see the energy of the earth like?
It might be a powerful red color, or may be shining gold.

You can learn the general way to open chakras seeing the article “CHAKRA STORY” linked below.



In this way, please try to image grounding many times a day if your root chakra is small, if you can not easily take action, if you are lethargic, or if you think your viability is insufficient.

On the other way, it is effective to touch the nature like touching the plants, touching the animal, touching the earth, or walking on the grass or the soil with barefoot.

The first chakra, the root chakra is such a chakra which reminds you what you tend to forget like, that you are living on the earth, that you need the energy of the earth, and that you are always connected with the energy of the earth:)


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