Kickboxing is fun!

I had a chance to join a class of kickboxing as a trial.

At first a trainer wrapped my hands and then I wore gloves.
I didn’t even know I needed gloves for kickboxing:b

I learned jab, cross, hook and so on before class.
I had the first punch to a sandbag.
It was fun and the trainer was kind.
I’d already started to like kickboxing.

I knew that it was too much hard for me to take the class a few minutes later..
I attended 60 minutes class because they said they have just 60 and 75 minutes classes now though I desired shorter class.
60 minutes was horribly long for me—
I was almost dying and stunned and dizzy in the end of the class,,,
But the lady, my pair was very kind although I was bothering her.

I would have been satisfied just kicking a sandbag but I had to develop my abdominal muscle despite I have zero abdominal muscle, so I’m afraid that I would just have been screaming loudly..

Still, I should say that kicking sandbag and exercising were unexpectedly fun.
And I was happy to meet good people there who said to me again and again, ” you did good job!!”, though I know I couldn’t.
I guess I should go again;)