Into Belgian Chocolate, Haagen Dazs

Recently, I’m into belgian chocolate, Haagen Dazs.
Have you ever tried?
This is so tasty;)
I think chocolate ice creams I’ve eaten in the US are always too sweet for me, but belgian chocolate, Haagen Dazs is not included:)
It’s not too sweet and just great♪

And now, I can buy the ice cream for half price at the supermarket near my home!
one 414ml Haagen Dazs is just for $2.50!
It’s incredibly cheaper than the price in Japan.
I’d used to buy a 110ml mini cup Haagen Dazs about for 250yen in Japan.

There is a surprising things while I’ve been here.
It is about the display like “10 for $10” of the supermarket.
“10 for $10” means “you can buy for $10 if you buy 10 items” in Japan.
If I buy just one, the price will be higher.
But, it’s not true in the US. We can buy one just for $1.
I don’t understand but it is really good for customers.

It said, 2 for $5, for belgian chocolate, Haagen Dazsa.
But I bought four because too glad to buy just one:b