How To Know Your Chakra

I have told you about chakras recently, and you might be wondering how you can actually know the status of your own chakras?

There seems to be quite a few people in the world, who can see “normally” energy or invisible things.
Though it is really unbelievable for us who can’t see.

Yes, as I said “us”, I’m afraid to say that I can’t see energy and invisible things well.
On rare occasions, I can see what normally unseen.
On rare occasions, I can hear what can not be heard normally.
My main sense is feeling, though it is hard to explain to a person who has never experienced..
It will be a long story so I will explain if I have a chance later, but not now.
My another ability is automatic drawing.
My hand move freely without my will and draws a picture or balance of chakras, by gaining sacred beings’ support.
Please don’t say, “You should go to a psychiatry department!”.
I gained the ability suddenly after already grown up, so I had doubted myself for the long time.
I had not been able to accept my experiences, had kept doubting, and had thought and thought so many times whether I should have gone to a psychiatry department, while I had kept having many experiences.

However, now I guess it is the time to accept obediently all of what I had experienced after the long long time of doubt when I had felt something while having lots of horrible experiences, lots of unbelievable ones and lots of joyful ones, when I had perhaps grown, and when I had met many people.

Well, the introduction was too long..
Let’s return to the story of chakra.

You might assume to a certain extent like “my third chakra would be small.” or “my heart chakra must be OK.”, after you had read my previous articles.

But there may be no way to know the status of your chakras except asking a person who can see chakras or becoming to be a person who can see it with his/her own eyes.

Or you can ask me to draw your chakra status.

The image drawn by the chakra balance test is like below.
(I have posted with the permission by the customer.)

How do you think?
The person’s shape is what I drew in advance.
Each point represents each chakra.
The bottom of the point represents the first chakra (the root chakra) and the top of the point does the seventh chakra (the crown chakra).
And circles represent each chakra size of the person taking a chakra balance test.
I have changed color according to each chakra color.

Size of chakra will be changed according to a person or to passage of time even if it is the same person.


By the way, my ideal status of chakra is like the image I uploaded to the top of this page.
Do you want it again here?
Here is it! ↓

How do you think?
The chakras in this image large enough and uniformed.

It is not difficult to be this status only if the moment.
However, it is not easy to keep it because the balance will be disturbed if you are busy or have somewhat disgusting things in daily life.
And you have not only to keep it but also to control the size of chakras by yourself.
In other words, you should close a chakra when not needed and should open larger it when necessary.
For example, it is better to close chakras at the places where there are many people, especially for a person who is sensitive and often possessed by unnecessary energies. I’ve heard that a person who has higher spiritual ability normally live with his/her chakras closed, and open them only when the ability is used.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?:0
I agree… but the overlap of circle in this image is very beautiful.
I believe that a person who has the circle like this image must have a beautiful shining soul.

Now, I will draw your chakra balance remotely.
If you would like me to do, please see the below to know how to apply.


CHAKRA BALANCE TEST (one time) $10
Wondering Aura?

* It will be your chakra status of the moment when I draw.
* Chakras have constantly changed according to your mental and physical condition of the day. Do not take the test results too seriously, and you should refer to it only as the chakra status of the moment.
*I will only send you a image by email. (The original paper can not be sent.)

** I will usually reply you within 24hours after you sent an email or request form.
** I will send a image (or images) by email in 3 days after confirming your pay.
** No refundable please.
** This is for entertainment purposes only please.

I need information below from you for chakra balance test.
* your name (full name)
* date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
* your current address (city, state)

Please apply by email or send the request form below.

Email address: info☆
(Please switch ☆ to @ when sending)


[Request Form]

You can pay only by PayPal. (sorry, but no credit card allowed)
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me:)


Lastly, I would like to say this if you took the chakra balance test.

It is important what you do next after knowing your status.
Please don’t just throw it away.
please consider why you got the result.
There is some reasons that the chakra balance is disturbed or the chakra is small.
By all means, please find out the reason the energy stagnant, and give the energy to your mind, body and soul.

Your future will change depending on how you spend your time after chakra balance test;)

Thank you for reading this article.



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