I always draw a picture by automatic drawing. It means that my hand moves and draws without my will but with sacred beings’ help.

But I had doubted about the ability of my automatic drawing by myself for the long time because I had read the book saying that it is just the unconscious muscular movement not spiritual ability.
I don’t still know which the truth is..

But sometimes there is the moment that I can believe that I have something spiritual ability.

This picture was what made me believe it..


In 2001.

I thought I want to try drawing by pencil today.
When I had a pencil, my hand slowly started moving.

I felt the light of the sacred beings in the safety and comfort as always, and I was dozing off without noticing.

When I woke up in surprise and saw the paper, two birds are drawn, which got close intimately and watching something.

I got surprised to see it.

Honestly, I may be able to draw circles and lines with my will, though I always draw by the automatic drawing. I may be able to draw a simple bird with my will. But the drawing I was seeing represented that two birds were watching at the same thing and that one of them was facing the back.
I know I can’t draw like that..
That’s why it can say that this drawing was not what I drew with my will! (I know too late to say.)

I was glad because I felt that something seemed to prove..

I wanted to color it. I felt someone(sacred being) told me that I should use not pastels but color pencils, so I brought my color pencils and start coloring..

The color was also chosen automatically and I was a little bit disappointed because the color they chose was too dark, I felt..
However when I saw the picture complete, I felt it looks like full of hope.

Even f you are in the darkness now, the day when you see the future full of hope with smile will come soon.

I thought I had heard it.

(The most content of this article is from the notes I wrote in 2011.)