Geometric Pattern of Moon and Full Opened Chakra?

I found the memo I wrote 7years ago, when I was organizing the pictures I drew before.
I’d had many strange and mysterious dreams or visions for a while when I had drawn the pictures I’m uploading these days.

The memo was written like below..


I had such a dream.

I found the full moon when I looked up.
But it was unusual and not yellow but gray.
And also the moon had many small geometric pattern.
It was so beautiful but very strange sight.

I could see the sun when I looked up on other side.
But it had also different color from the usual one.

I don’t know why but I knew what I saw at the first was the moon and what at the second was the sun.

Suddenly, a bright green light gushed out in all directions towards the outside from the center of me, and my body scattered..!

I felt it with a tremendous shock that I was scattering with the light of green from the center of me, around stomach.

I had no pain but horribly dazzling and shocking..
I collapsed on the spot as it was……


I thought my stomach was sparkling at that time but I guess now that it might be the heart chakra because it was the green light.

I know it was just a dream….
But, it was too strange and shocking to think as a dream…….
I felt it like reality. I could imagine that it would be like this if I actually exploded from inside.

I had the dreams that I saw the moon with geometric pattern several times after that.

One day I said, looking at the moon, “yes, it’d used to be like this..”
And other day I said, looking at the moon and listening the melody of the sun drawing spiral, “yes, this is the melody my partner made!”

They are completely unfamiliar words..
I never know what to do..
Is there something hidden I should know in the dream?
What is the geometric pattern of the moon?
What is “the melody of the sun drawing spiral”?

I heard it from my Reiki teacher later that there are people who see geometric pattern when the chakra got fully opened.
If so, my heart chakra might have fully opened at that time?
I think it might be true because I have something come to mind.


Above is the content of the memo.

I really had the dream of the geometric pattern of the moon for many times in those days.
That’s why I remember it well, but I couldn’t remember the event that my body scattered like exploded till I saw the memo.
I am surprised that I couldn’t remember such a shocking thing. (Just a dream though:-b)

I couldn’t also remember the helpful information that people could see geometric pattern if their chakra fully opened.
memo is really important, isn’t it? ;)

And as a good timing, most of the mysteries I had in the dream have been solved just a few months ago.
I met someone who can see one’s past life, and she told me about my past life and why I had such a dream.

I realized the answer of the dream just came at the right time.