Experience in Sedona Part 2

Today I will tell you about the story I experienced in Sedona last week.

It was happened at Boynton Canyon, Sedona.
Boynton Canyon is the one of the famous vortex and is said that it is a sacred place for Native Americans.

According to what I heard about Boynton Canyon, you might remind your past life if you visit there, it might have a portal connecting with the different dimension and a path leading to the underground.

Just hearing, it is making you excited, isn’t it?
But I love Boynton Canyon not because it is the mysterious place but because it makes me feel protective and happy.

Despite of it, I had some mysterious experiences there.
I told you one of my experience on the previous article “Experience in Sedona Part 1“.

I will tell you the another story today.


I went to Boynton Canyon early morning that day as always I do and I stayed at my favorite place for a while.
When I tried to go back and stood up, it happened.

I noticed a path in one direction at the time.
It was the first time I knew it. I was surprised and wondering why I had never noticed it before in spite that I had been there so many times.
I felt the path calling me and I walked into the direction.

On the way there was the place I thought I could not go through because the way looked dangerous and I didn’t think I could go back even if I could get through.
But my guardian spirits was saying me that it was OK and that I could go back.
I decided to go forward when I heard their saying..

Then I reached there.
I was surprised and said by myself.

“It is here!”

I was seeing the rock like an altar which Native Americans had performed a ritual.

It was so impressive and I couldn’t say nothing for a while.
I was just appreciating it that something took me there.
And I felt tears streamed down my cheeks.
I didn’t want to cry but I thought my soul wanted to.

Before I tried to go back, I wanted to say good-bye to this place and asked the rock like an altar if I could touch it.
It accepted my proposal and…
That moment I softly touched it with my both hands!


A big energy was coming through into my stomach and I was screaming!
the energy kept coming and I couldn’t release my hands.
My all chakras were moving softly and flexibly.

After a few tens of second, the flowing of the energy stopped and my hands released from the rock.
I didn’t know what happened..
I heard just one word at that time.

“It is a gift”


My body was shaking for a while but I started laughing though I didn’t know why.
I must have looked like a crazy person:)

This was the experience I had in Sedona last week.
I don’t still know what the energy was and I think that I should keep touch my eyes on it.

And I had something I had seen while the experience.
It was maybe my past life.
The person who I recognized she was me was with some people there.
I know one of them and I recognized he was the person I know in this life.
I didn’t know other people though.

What surprised me was the relationship between he and me in the past life was the same as in this life..
I can’t tell you the detail but I think it seems to be important.
In the different time and the different race, would we just be repeating the same circumstance?

The experience in Boynton Canyon was strange and made me think many things.

(English is the second language for me and my English is not so good, but I hope you can understand what I want to tell.. Thank you.)