Distant Energy Healing from Sedona

I have updated the content about my spiritual experience in Sedona at my facebook before.
I didn’t say what happened to me at that time but I can say now.
The energy of Sedona was contacting with me. We connected with each other and I got the energy.

Do you believe this?
I would not believe it if I were you.
I’m a kind of skeptical person so I can’t easily believe what even I experienced by myself..
That’s why I couldn’t say all of that.

But my healing method has changed since then.
I always can feel the energy of Sedona every time when I do healing session.
The energy of Sedona helps me when I heal someone.

I think it’s time to accept my experiences I’d ever had and to stop being skeptical.

I decided to do the distant energy healing to all at once and send them the energy of Sedona.
Many Japanese people have already applied and the date of the healing is the early morning on 15th November 2017.

[Distant Energy Healing to all at once from Sedona]

date & time: 7:20am (about for 30minutes), 15th November, 2017
entry fee: $10
deadline: 11:00pm, 13th November, 2017
1. person who can let me know what you felt while healing.
2. person who can lay down to a bed or a sofa when the healing begin.

*Usually you can do anything you want while healing but I want you to relax this time because I need to know your feeling thought while healing.

**I will be in Sedona when I send the healing energy.

You may never believe that someone can send the energy distantly, if you are not familiar with healing things. But I can say it is possible.

I was a tour guide after immigration, but I had been a Reiki healer before that.
I’d played crystal bowls, too.
I’d quit drawing pictures and healing someone when I came to the U.S.
But after connecting with Sedona energy, I started thinking that I should draw pictures and heal someone..

I’m looking forward to the day we all would connect with Sedona energy.