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18″×15″, Pastel

All memories have gone down to the bottom of the deep lake of consciousness.
There are all memories you have since you were born, before you were born and even before that..
You might not remember most of them, but they certainly exist.

There are also so many memories that you have met people.
Have you ever felt something special to someone if it is even the first met.
That might be because that your have the memory which you met him/her somewhere, sometime before you were born.
It may be because that you have felt the fate you have connected with him/her unconsciously.

Prescott, AZ

I moved to Prescott, AZ from Las Vegas!
I had never expected I lived in Prescott, though I’d wanted to live in Arizona for long time.
However, I really love to live here now!
it is awesome place where is cool here.
We can’t turn off air conditioner this season in Las Vegas but i don’t need it here so far:)
There are some mountains and many trails and I can’t wait to hike around here.

It has the good energy, too.
I tried to draw it today.
It is the enrich energy which I feel the power of the nature.