Monthly Archives: February 2018


There are two bird in the drawing.
They looks like peacocks getting under cover.

I like the color of this drawing:)


When I was talking with a spirit, I got to want to draw him.

I couldn’t see him like a butterfly visually.
But he in the drawing was a butterfly which was fragile, soft and beautiful.
I felt a little bit that the butterfly seemed to sorrow..

Talking Tree

I am curious about trees these days.

I feel safe and calm down when I look at a tree. I think that is because I’m feeling the power (energy) of it.

You may usually see trees unintentionally.
Have you ever tried to listen to the voice of them?
Or have you ever tried to feel them?

Trees have been there long before we were born, watched over us, and given us wisdom.
I think that’s why everybody likes trees. We all know it unconsciously.

It is the time when we stop only to be given by trees and when we try to listen and to feel them.
They are always talking to us.

You don’t need the special ability, you know?
I’m sure you’ve already known that everybody can talk with trees:)


You will see many hearts ♡ in this drawing.
But this title is “Dragons” because I can see many dragons in it, too.


Because of the Valentine’s day, there are many hearts ♡ in the drawing:)