Monthly Archives: February 2018


Many birds appear in my drawings.
I don’t actually know but I think birds appear as the symbol of future and hope.

Resurrected Memory


This drawing seems to represent that the memories are flying out from the head of the person who are looking down.

Time When Purification Is Necessary

size: 8 1/2″×11″

I thought I wanted to try a little bit big drawing with pastels today.


The message of the drawing

Many places in the Earth are polluted and screaming these days.
I don’t mean the part that you can see with your both eyes.
You need to know the part that actually you can’t see is more serious.
And you should remember that most of the causes are because of human beings.

Now it is time when purification is necessary for the Earth and human beings.

Please shift your consciousness.


I think this phrase “for human beings” is for me(:|
I had been so busy in my life, things had never worked out as I expected and my head had been occupied with thoughts and emotion for a while.
I’m sure my energy had been getting down..

The word “purify” means “connect with sacred beings” to me.
When they say to me “do purify”, it means a sort of warning that we are connecting somehow and that the connection will cut if I go on like this.

In the Shade of a Tree

It was drawn a tree in today’s picture, too.
I can see it but how about you?:)

I can also see the spirit who is closing his eyes in the shade of the tree and singing happily.

A Tree

I liked this when it was drawing with a pen.
But when it started having colors with watercolors, I was getting dislike it and I threw it away to a trash box by folding in half.

Some short while later, I was getting concerned about it, picked it up from the trash box, finished coloring it.
There are sometimes the drawings I don’t like but I had never thought that I wanted to throw them away.

This drawing is something different from others which I have drawn before, I think..