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Order Drawing

I draw your own picture which is the message from your guardian spirits.

The types of the drawings are all different and I don’t even know what is drawn next.
However, the picture is very special and is drawn only for you because it is the message from your guardian spirits.

Picture size: 5″×7″ (2L picture size)
Material: soft pastel
Frame is including
price: $120 (shipping fee is including for domestic)
*Please pay by PayPal.

Ordinary, I will ship you within 3days by postal mail.
Please contact me if you want international shipping.

**I apologize in advance. I am out of town in March. I will ship after 5th, April if you order in March.

The frame I send is simple like above image.
When you decide to change the frame to a new one, please be very careful if you don’t want your picture to damaged because soft pastels are easy to rub.
I don’t use a fixative because it totally changes the colors of pictures.
That’s why I send pictures with frames.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!
Thank you.

Aurora Sky

I drew a picture with 8″×10″ paper today, too.

The sky is a canvas…
Clear winter sky…

That kinds of image was coming.

Exhibition 2018 in Kobe, Japan

[Exhibition Information]

Exhibition by Anne and Gekka is held in Kobe, Japan on 20th through 25th March 2018.
Entrance fee is free.
Feel free to contact me if you need more information.

Place to shout

This is the picture that I drew for my friend.

It seems to represent that a shining adorable monster is emitting a beam of light as hard as he can, the beam has not reached the right half of the space, though.

The simple message I got is below.

“You are shouting at the wrong place.”

However much he shouts or does his best at the wrong place, his light can never reach. He should be at the right place.
It says it is the time when he should move to the place he should be at.

In additional information, the adorable pink monster in the picture represents himself, but also seems to be one of his guardian spirit:)