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Experience in Sedona Part 1


Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona

I’m gonna tell you about the story that I experienced in Sedona last year, 17 March, 2017.

I had a weird but wonderful experience on that day.
The reason suddenly I want to tell about it is because I had an incredible experience last week at the same place again!
I want to tell you about that but I think I should tell you the story I experienced last year at first.

If you are interested in my story, please read below:)

I’ve loved Sedona since I visited it in 1992.
I came to the United State from Japan because I wanted to live in Sedona.
Now I’m living in Las Vegas but I will be back to Sedona in future.

There are many places I love in Sedona.
I went to Chimney Rock which is one of my favorite last week.

Chimney Rock is not a popular vortex and there are few tourists there.
That’s why the energy of Chimney Rock is still pure and I love it.
I’m introducing Chimney Rock just because I love it and went there this time, but sorry, it is not related the main story.
The main story is from the next:-b

Artistic screwed Juniper trees.
It is said that this is because of the vortex energy spiraling.

My another favorite place is Boynton Canyon.
It is one of the famous vortex and there are many tourist visiting.
But I know a special spot where people don’t come very much and I can feel the good energy there.
I have visited there countless times and usually spend about for an hour there.
And I had a special experience there last year..


I was laying down at my favorite spot on that day.
Suddenly my legs were starting to shake.
I have sometimes such a experience like that because I have a very sensitive sense.
But it was so strong at the time.
My legs were strongly shaking and eventually my whole body was starting shaking.
It was not cold but my body was shaking hard.
I imagine that it must have been like a person haunted by an evil spirit in the horror movie:((
It had kept almost for 30 minutes.
I was gradually getting worry. It was too strong and too long..
I just kept waiting something done because my guardian spirits tell me that I’m OK.
After all done, I heard a voice. It said,

“You and me were connected. We have connected.”

After I had this experience, I can get to call this energy anywhere and anytime.
When I try to do the healing to someone, the energy come down and help the healing.

It is an unbelievable thing for me but it is true.
(I’m afraid if I could have explained well in English though..)

Thus, the Boynton Canyon is a special place to me.
So I thought I should do the second distant energy healing to all at once there, when I decided to go to the Boynton Canyon. But my guardian spirit said to me, “no, not this time”.
I didn’t know why I couldn’t at the time, but I know why now.
There was the reason. It is because I should have had another experience this time.

I will tell you about the another experience next time..:)

Sleeping Beauty?

It is not always easy to name the title of my drawing:(
Because this is the automatic drawing and I don’t know myself what I’m drawing.

At first, you may find a red purple bird in the middle of the picture.
Then can you see a sleeping girl on the left side of it?
And you may also see a witch looking down the girl..
I can see like that. That’s why this picture’s title is “Sleeping Beauty?”;)

Invisible beings in the forest

Though I draw many kinds of types of pictures through the sacred beings by automatic drawing, I like this kind of it better.

It is interesting and fun to see that a pen is moving like dancing without my will and that the drawing is getting colors, and to look for what seems like something, which is gradually coming to appear in the drawing:)