Chakra Story

Have you ever heard the word, “Chakra”?

Energy (life energy or 氣, KI) is flowing in the body of human beings, though we can never see it.
The energy has lots of energy centers which called chakra.
Yes, you can say that chakras are energy centers in your body and important points to flow energy smoothly.

The seven chakras that consist from the first chakra to the seventh chakra are said to be especially important and the most famous in the numerous energy centers of the body.

These seven chakras exist along the spine like the image above.

The chakra at the bottom (coccyx) is the first chakra, the number goes up in order, and the top (head top) chakra is called as the seventh chakra.

The first chakra taking in energy from the earth sends the energy to the second chakra and more above. The energy reached the seventh chakra goes through the head top and flows to the universe.
In addition, the seventh chakra taking in energy from the universe sends the energy to the sixth chakra and more below. The energy reached the first chakra goes down to the earth.

With this series of energy flow, human beings can be firmly connected with the earth and universe.

In the process of these energy flows, clogging up of chakra will causes the energy flow stagnant and makes it not to flow smoothly to the next chakra.
Ceasing the smooth flow of life energy will cause energy shortage, and various troubles will occur in mind and body.
Also, the sense of being connected with the earth and the universe is diminished and the center of mind will not be able to be settled.

That’s why it is important to keep a balance of chakras, and knowing the condition of chakras is the first step to regain the health mentally and physically.

Showing below is the relation between each chakra and mind and body.

The First Chakra, The Root Chakra (red)
location: coccyx
related issue: vitality, behavior, self confidence, grounding

The Second Chakra, The Sacral Chakra (orange)
location: height of sacrum, about 1 or 2 inches below from navel
related issue: reproductive system, bowel, personality, creativity

The Third Chakra, The Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow)
location: solar plexus, epigastrium
related issue: digestive system, self-esteem, self-assertion

The Fourth Chakra, The Heart Chakra (green)
location: center of chest (hight of heart)
related issue: heart, lungs, self love, altruism

The Fifth Chakra, The Throat Chakra (light blue)
location: bottom of throat
related issue: throat, self expression, communication

The Sixth Chakra, The Third Eye Chakra (indigo)
location: above between eyebrows
related issue: the third eye, intuition, wisdom

The Seventh Chakra, The Crown Chakra (Purple)
location: parietal
related issue: spirituality, soul’s task

*each chakra has own color.


Now, if your chakra’s balance is not good or one of your chakra is small, how should you do?

There are various of way to open chakra.
I will introduce some, so please find out the way on fitting your style.

◎Image Training
  – Imaging that the chakra’s getting open while being conscious the place and color of the chakra.

  – listening crystal bowl sound or healing music.

  – Using power stones corresponding to the chakra.

  – Getting healing session by the healer who can open chakras.

  – Yoga is helpful to open your chakras.

  – Meditation is helpful to open your chakras.

  – Watching the drawing pictures of chakras by Anne is helpful to open your chakras.

◎Cause Investigation
– Eliminate the cause that the chakra is getting smaller. If you have a problem mentally, get rid of it. For example, if the chakra gets small due to accumulating anger, let’s relax deeply, calm down anger and see how that feeling goes away. The chakra will be getting big back if you could succeed it.


Even if the effect comes out and the chakra opens, it will be temporary and be gradually getting small back.
In short, it is important to improve the living, reform the consciousness, and remodel the physical body consciously.

I can draw your chakras visually through the sacred beings’ help (by automatic drawing).
It is possible to see your chakra remotely, so please send me an email or the request form below if you would like me to draw your seven chakras. The detail is here, “How To Know Your Chakra

CHAKRA BALANCE TEST (one time) $10
Wondering Aura?

* It will be your chakra status of the moment when I draw.
* Chakras have constantly changed according to your mental and physical condition of the day. Do not take the test results too seriously, and you should refer to it only as the chakra status of the moment.
*I will only send you a image by email. (The original paper can not be sent.)

** I will usually reply you within 24hours after you sent an e-mail or request form.
** I will send a image (or images) by email in 3 days after confirming your pay.
** No refundable please.
** This is for entertainment purposes only please.

I need information below from you for chakra balance test.
* your name (full name)
* date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
* your current address (city, state)

Please apply by email or send the request form below.

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Thank you for reading this article.


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