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Experience in Sedona Part 2

Today I will tell you about the story I experienced in Sedona last week.

It was happened at Boynton Canyon, Sedona.
Boynton Canyon is the one of the famous vortex and is said that it is a sacred place for Native Americans.

According to what I heard about Boynton Canyon, you might remind your past life if you visit there, it might have a portal connecting with the different dimension and a path leading to the underground.

Just hearing, it is making you excited, isn’t it?
But I love Boynton Canyon not because it is the mysterious place but because it makes me feel protective and happy.

Despite of it, I had some mysterious experiences there.
I told you one of my experience on the previous article “Experience in Sedona Part 1“.

I will tell you the another story today.


I went to Boynton Canyon early morning that day as always I do and I stayed at my favorite place for a while.
When I tried to go back and stood up, it happened.

I noticed a path in one direction at the time.
It was the first time I knew it. I was surprised and wondering why I had never noticed it before in spite that I had been there so many times.
I felt the path calling me and I walked into the direction.

On the way there was the place I thought I could not go through because the way looked dangerous and I didn’t think I could go back even if I could get through.
But my guardian spirits was saying me that it was OK and that I could go back.
I decided to go forward when I heard their saying..

Then I reached there.
I was surprised and said by myself.

“It is here!”

I was seeing the rock like an altar which Native Americans had performed a ritual.

It was so impressive and I couldn’t say nothing for a while.
I was just appreciating it that something took me there.
And I felt tears streamed down my cheeks.
I didn’t want to cry but I thought my soul wanted to.

Before I tried to go back, I wanted to say good-bye to this place and asked the rock like an altar if I could touch it.
It accepted my proposal and…
That moment I softly touched it with my both hands!


A big energy was coming through into my stomach and I was screaming!
the energy kept coming and I couldn’t release my hands.
My all chakras were moving softly and flexibly.

After a few tens of second, the flowing of the energy stopped and my hands released from the rock.
I didn’t know what happened..
I heard just one word at that time.

“It is a gift”


My body was shaking for a while but I started laughing though I didn’t know why.
I must have looked like a crazy person:)

This was the experience I had in Sedona last week.
I don’t still know what the energy was and I think that I should keep touch my eyes on it.

And I had something I had seen while the experience.
It was maybe my past life.
The person who I recognized she was me was with some people there.
I know one of them and I recognized he was the person I know in this life.
I didn’t know other people though.

What surprised me was the relationship between he and me in the past life was the same as in this life..
I can’t tell you the detail but I think it seems to be important.
In the different time and the different race, would we just be repeating the same circumstance?

The experience in Boynton Canyon was strange and made me think many things.

(English is the second language for me and my English is not so good, but I hope you can understand what I want to tell.. Thank you.)

Experience in Sedona Part 1


Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona

I’m gonna tell you about the story that I experienced in Sedona last year, 17 March, 2017.

I had a weird but wonderful experience on that day.
The reason suddenly I want to tell about it is because I had an incredible experience last week at the same place again!
I want to tell you about that but I think I should tell you the story I experienced last year at first.

If you are interested in my story, please read below:)

I’ve loved Sedona since I visited it in 1992.
I came to the United State from Japan because I wanted to live in Sedona.
Now I’m living in Las Vegas but I will be back to Sedona in future.

There are many places I love in Sedona.
I went to Chimney Rock which is one of my favorite last week.

Chimney Rock is not a popular vortex and there are few tourists there.
That’s why the energy of Chimney Rock is still pure and I love it.
I’m introducing Chimney Rock just because I love it and went there this time, but sorry, it is not related the main story.
The main story is from the next:-b

Artistic screwed Juniper trees.
It is said that this is because of the vortex energy spiraling.

My another favorite place is Boynton Canyon.
It is one of the famous vortex and there are many tourist visiting.
But I know a special spot where people don’t come very much and I can feel the good energy there.
I have visited there countless times and usually spend about for an hour there.
And I had a special experience there last year..


I was laying down at my favorite spot on that day.
Suddenly my legs were starting to shake.
I have sometimes such a experience like that because I have a very sensitive sense.
But it was so strong at the time.
My legs were strongly shaking and eventually my whole body was starting shaking.
It was not cold but my body was shaking hard.
I imagine that it must have been like a person haunted by an evil spirit in the horror movie:((
It had kept almost for 30 minutes.
I was gradually getting worry. It was too strong and too long..
I just kept waiting something done because my guardian spirits tell me that I’m OK.
After all done, I heard a voice. It said,

“You and me were connected. We have connected.”

After I had this experience, I can get to call this energy anywhere and anytime.
When I try to do the healing to someone, the energy come down and help the healing.

It is an unbelievable thing for me but it is true.
(I’m afraid if I could have explained well in English though..)

Thus, the Boynton Canyon is a special place to me.
So I thought I should do the second distant energy healing to all at once there, when I decided to go to the Boynton Canyon. But my guardian spirit said to me, “no, not this time”.
I didn’t know why I couldn’t at the time, but I know why now.
There was the reason. It is because I should have had another experience this time.

I will tell you about the another experience next time..:)

Sedona Distant Energy Healing 15th November, article 2

I left the hotel a hour before the sunrise early in the morning.
It might be around 10 pm in Japan time.
I drove my car still in the dark and arrived at the Cathedral Rock.

I decided the Cathedral Rock as the place where I do the healing because the invisible beings said that I should have done there.

It takes more than 30 minutes to go up to the top of the Cathedral Rock.
I could go up there for 20 minutes before but I would not be able to now. That’s why I left the hotel earlier.

It was still dark when I reached the parking but a new day gradually began to come out.

I went up to the top of the Cathedral Rock so as to be in time for the sunrise time.
I felt a little impatient on the way, but almost arrived on schedule!
I started ready for the healing after deciding the healing space and relaxed.



Then, I saw the Sun coming out just a few minutes before the healing starting. I thought the Sun was waiting for us for ready.



I felt huge and overwhelming powerfulness and also tenderness from the energy by myself while I was sending it to our customers.

It is the picture of the sky that I could see while laying down on the rock at that time.↓


When I was feeling the energy coming into my body, suddenly I started to float high up in the sky, leaving my body.


This healing session was really impressive for me. Because that I could send the energy to lots of people much more than I expected and that I realized at the moment of the healing that so many spirits had given us their great support. Tears streamed down my cheeks during the session without awareness.

I really appreciate all of them.
Thank you so much.

Finally, I want to say about the rocks of the Cathedral Rock. Speaking of Sedona, we might think that the rocks are only red. But we can see the greenish gray rocks, too. Once upon a time, They are made from lava which was blown out and solidified, I heard.
Anyway, I can feel that the greenish gray rocks have big and high energy.
If you have a chance to visit to Sedona, please try looking.



With appreciation and love,

November 15, 2017

Sedona Distant Energy Healing 15th November, article 1

I’m sure to say that the distant energy healing in Sedona was successfully finished.
It was awesome and I believe most of them received the energy could feel something good.

I saw a very dramatic sky when getting into Sedona.
I can’t explain exactly what it was like but I just felt I was so welcome to Sedona.

I went to see this tree at first after arriving at Sedona.
It has big energy. I could feel it when I touched it.


I had the list written the name of the clients.
I read all the names listed loudly at my room of the hotel after checking in.
The energy of Boynton Canyon was coming down and into my head at the moment when I read the last name listed.

I realized the healing had already started.
The invisible beings had known whom I would send the energy to and been ready for the healing.
I was so excited and looking forward to doing the healing for the next day.


Distant Energy Healing from Sedona

I have updated the content about my spiritual experience in Sedona at my facebook before.
I didn’t say what happened to me at that time but I can say now.
The energy of Sedona was contacting with me. We connected with each other and I got the energy.

Do you believe this?
I would not believe it if I were you.
I’m a kind of skeptical person so I can’t easily believe what even I experienced by myself..
That’s why I couldn’t say all of that.

But my healing method has changed since then.
I always can feel the energy of Sedona every time when I do healing session.
The energy of Sedona helps me when I heal someone.

I think it’s time to accept my experiences I’d ever had and to stop being skeptical.

I decided to do the distant energy healing to all at once and send them the energy of Sedona.
Many Japanese people have already applied and the date of the healing is the early morning on 15th November 2017.

[Distant Energy Healing to all at once from Sedona]

date & time: 7:20am (about for 30minutes), 15th November, 2017
entry fee: $10
deadline: 11:00pm, 13th November, 2017
1. person who can let me know what you felt while healing.
2. person who can lay down to a bed or a sofa when the healing begin.

*Usually you can do anything you want while healing but I want you to relax this time because I need to know your feeling thought while healing.

**I will be in Sedona when I send the healing energy.

You may never believe that someone can send the energy distantly, if you are not familiar with healing things. But I can say it is possible.

I was a tour guide after immigration, but I had been a Reiki healer before that.
I’d played crystal bowls, too.
I’d quit drawing pictures and healing someone when I came to the U.S.
But after connecting with Sedona energy, I started thinking that I should draw pictures and heal someone..

I’m looking forward to the day we all would connect with Sedona energy.

Meet Sedona

It is about 25 years ago when I visit Sedona at the first time.

I assume there were few people even in the U.S. who knew Sedona as the spiritual place at the time.

I had been travelling around the West coast areas in 1992.
I didn’t know Sedona but a coincidence brought me there.

It was a sunset time in the Christmas day.
I couldn’t say anything because the landscape was so gorgeous much more than I could imagine.

The impression was totally different from any other places where I’d visited before.
I didn’t know that Sedona was the special place having powerful energy, and also I didn’t have any sense to feel energies as I have now, though.

Sedona had something that made me think that I should come back again.

I stayed at Sedona only one or two hours at that time and then left there.


It’s 8 years ago.

Suddenly, I had experienced so many spiritual things for the short time and it was the hardest time for me to live a life. And I remembered Sedona as the place where I could have a rest. I didn’t still know that Sedona had become the one of the most spiritual place in the world…

I stayed at Sedona for five days and I didn’t have any spiritual experience at all.
I spent those days calmly and peacefully.

I could feel the energy of Sedona entering to my body and melting into my own energy.

I want to live here.

I had the thought and just left Sedona.


I was in Sedona 4 years ago again.

People say Sedona has the special power.
Your thought can become real if you were in Sedona!

I don’t know if it’s true or not.
But I can say that at my first visit, I thought like this,

“I should come to Sedona again.”

And my thought came true.
I thought like this, at my second visit,

“I want to live here.”

I got to live in Sedona at my third visit.


I feel so good and comfortable in Sedona.
I want to be there forever one I visit there, even though Sedona has nothing except red rocks.
When I left Sedona for a while and came back, I feel like “I was back to my home!”, and very happy.

I am not living in Sedona now, but I will be back in future.
I just recently knew that what I should do is what I want to do, and I just started my new life.
I will move to Sedona when I got ready for everything. Because Sedona is my home and I thought like this, when I leave Sedona at the last time,

“I’ll be back!!” ;)