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There are a small and big spirits looking at each other.
I felt the great trusts and bonds between them.

This Kind Of World

I drew this by color pencils.
I don’t know if it is because of color pencils, not pastel, but I felt pulled into the unique world of the picture which was different from usual when finished.

The invisible beings that I always draw seem to float in the air, but ones in this picture seem to live in the underground.


This is the picture that I drew in the beginning of 2012 while asking what I should do for making everybody happy.

A healer’s hand put on the back of a person is emitting the beautiful blue light and golden energy is coming down to the person who is being healed.
And the dog watching them is spitting out the light green energy and has a blooming flower on his head.

The message I got was “be a healer”.
I was told that the healer was me and the person in blue clothes was my guardian spirit.
If I am said so, it seems that the guardian spirit put her hand on my back and help me..

However, it was the time when I quit to be a healer and when I didn’t want to be. That’s why I had ignored the message for the long time.

The situation has changed last year.
I got to heal someone regularly and had the chance to do the remote healing around 50 people all together in Sedona, Arizona in November. It was the events I’d never expected..
But I could feel the difference of my ability and the way to heal between before and now.

Now, I am thinking that it might be the time to face this theme, though it has already passed for six years..