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Point Drawings in 2017

These are the point drawings I drew last year.
When I just let my hand move without my will, they became like these.

They seem to have the meaning or not…
I don’t know, but if you watch them carefully, you will find something in the drawings and have a fun.


I started drawing again around 2016.
I love cactus. I found a painting of cactus somewhere and got to want to draw, too.
I drew a picture by myself not by automatic drawing. But it was terrible…:(

So I asked my guardian spirits to draw.
Thus, this is the picture drawn by automatic drawing.
They told me that it represents they were making the source of cactus.
I was impressed cactus is made like this in the invisible world..:-)



Start Breathing


I don’t remember well when I drew it, but I think that my guardian spirit gave me this picture and the message when I didn’t know what to do and I was agonizing over.

He told me that the wolf in the picture was me and breathing in the energy coming down from the sky.

Everything will start soon.

The message was like that.

The drawing in Sedona, in 2014

I don’t remember at all but there seems to be some drawings I drew in Sedona in 2014.
I introduce one of them.
I don’t even have any memory I drew, so there are no titles and messages though..

Point drawing

I met Mr. Akiyama who was famous of point drawing by chance in Sedona, Arizona in Autumn, 2014.
He was an awesome person who could change the energy of the place better just by being there.

I was inspired by him and tried the point drawing.
I drew three, but they were totally different from his works as you already know.
I didn’t know what was drawn in the pictures at all, but it was the interesting experience.