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Good Days

This is the picture someone asked me to draw.
It is the big size, so I’m afraid that you might not be able to see the detail, but I think it is the picture represented one of her past life.

The place might be somewhere a continent like China or Mongolia. There are a big river and a symbolic tree by it.

You can see her family and sacred spirits near the river.

She has an experience to wander between life and death and said to me, “the scene of this picture is similar to the flower garden that I saw when I had been about to die.”



This is the picture I drew for my friend.
Her guardian spirit was a middle aged woman of strong character who I couldn’t imagine came from the friend.

The spirit told me that she was protecting the friend for a while ago to support the friend’s ability blooming soon.

I wonder what is her ability which would bloom soon…

p.s. Six years has passed since I drew the picture. Her ability bloomed beautifully and she is working hard on it;-)

The Sun seen from underwater

This is one of my favorite picture.

It was the second picture I drew for the friend of mine because something happened at the time.
By the way, the first one was the title, “The Waters”

I thought the second picture represented the sun and the sky, but it didn’t.
I realized the blue color represented water not but the sky.
It was like the landscape that someone was looking up the sun from underwater.
The theme of the second picture was also “water”..

I feel it so amazing and interesting that the theme of the pictures that I drew for the same person is always the same even if I drew how many pictures.


This is the picture for a customer.

I felt that he was born to protect someone who was dear to him.
I felt the very warm and beautiful soul.
He is like a knight. Cool.


The guardian spirits always appear when I am about to draw for someone.
I am excited about what kinds of sacred being will come every time.

When I tried feeling the vibration at this time, I was surprised because a small dragon appeared.
He was so small and adorable.
But I was doubtful that he could really help me.
He did never mind my thought and started drawing, like preschool kid!
His drawing was bold and he seemed have a thing about drawing..
Then the drawing was done.
I had a “free” feeling such as I could fly toward to the sky from the drawing.
It was the freedom of soul.

He told me that he was always enjoying together with the customer.

It would be fun everyday if such a dragon was always together:-)