In the Shade of a Tree

It was drawn a tree in today’s picture, too.
I can see it but how about you?:)

I can also see the spirit who is closing his eyes in the shade of the tree and singing happily.

A Tree

I liked this when it was drawing with a pen.
But when it started having colors with watercolors, I was getting dislike it and I threw it away to a trash box by folding in half.

Some short while later, I was getting concerned about it, picked it up from the trash box, finished coloring it.
There are sometimes the drawings I don’t like but I had never thought that I wanted to throw them away.

This drawing is something different from others which I have drawn before, I think..


There are two bird in the drawing.
They looks like peacocks getting under cover.

I like the color of this drawing:)


When I was talking with a spirit, I got to want to draw him.

I couldn’t see him like a butterfly visually.
But he in the drawing was a butterfly which was fragile, soft and beautiful.
I felt a little bit that the butterfly seemed to sorrow..